iOS Development Resources

iOS development is a hot topic. It has been almost 4 years since Apple released the first iOS SDK available to developers to build native apps that run in iOS devices. Many books, tutorials, blogs, and websites have been published since then.

Recently I started to spend time working on apps again, after some period of idling.
Since then, iOS 5 had been released. And more useful resources online have been published and shared online, not to mention that a lot of them are free. These resources are blessings, they save time and energy.

And so I decided to put down the good stuffs I’ve found. I plan to update this post as I discover new one or make one that is worth sharing.


List of websites and posts related to iOS development.

  • Ray Wenderlich, a website with abundant of iOS apps/games development tutorials. They also published a book, iOS 5 by Tutorials.
  • Cocoanetics, Objective-C blog with a lot of useful posts.
  • Storyboard tutorial, I had been the guy who used only codes for everything. But ever since I tried to use the new storyboard in iOS 5, I have changed my mind. The interface builder really saves a lot of time, I will not go back to the codes route unless necessary. I read this post to get started on storyboard.
  • CoreText, NSString is great, except you can not style it very much. But Apple has included CoreText since iOS 3.2. This post is great for you to get started.
  • Custom navigation bar, this post explains how to achieve custom styled navigation bar.
  • iOS fonts, this post lists the built-in fonts in iOS.

Components Marketplace

  • Cocoa Controls, a website that hosts iOS controls/components created by fellow developers. If you ever need a custom control, you should check here before creating one.
  • Binpress, this website sells components for many platforms including iOS. Most are paid components.
  • Chupamobile, focused on mobile platform only components.

From the Source

Controls/Libraries/Code Snippets

List of open-source components and code snippets

  • Delayed blocks, if you love blocks, you’ll love this.
  • Pull to Refresh, this mechanics was introduced and made popular by Tweetie app by atebits.
  • Styled page control, the built-in UIPageControl is very restricted. It doesn’t allow you to change its color. So if you need page control which colors suit your app, this one is for you.
  • Badge view, this control lets you use the number badge inside the app.
  • RichText Label, UILabel like control with support for styling using HTML-like markup.
  • iOSPlot, supports line and pie charts.
  • FlipTransform, flipboard like animation.
  • MKNetworkKit, full ARC based networking kit for iOS 4+ devices.
  • DTCoreText, library to allow creation of NSAttributedString from HTML code on iOS.
  • MWFSlideNavigationViewController, a container view controller that use slide animation to reveal hidden secondary view/menu beneath the main view. Read the blog post.
  • KNPathTableViewController. UITableViewController with customizable overlay panel while scrolling, inspired by Path.
  • iCarousel, a simple, highly customisable, data-driven 3D carousel for iOS and Mac OS.
  • JWFolders, Classes that attempt to imitate SpringBoard’s “folders”.
  • Logging, better way to log messages than using NSLog.

Graphic/Audio Assets

List of graphic/audio assets, such as design elements, icons, sounds, etc.


List of tools or graphics assets useful for creation apps wireframe.


Books I have read.

Books I want to read.


  • App localization, I have never used one before. If I do, I’ll post my experience here.

Ad Hoc OTA Distribution

  • Testflightapp, it provides OTA (over-the-air) distributions for adhoc builds. I have been using it for a while and it works great. So far it has been FREE.
  • Appblade, only heard about it recently therefore I have never tried it. If anyone has used it before, you may leave a comment about your experience.
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