Updates: Slide Navigation View Controller

The first version of slide navigation controller was published 3 weeks ago. Few changes are made since then.

Deprecated Method

slideForViewController:direction:portraitOrientationDistance:landscapeOrientationDistance: method has been deprecated, although it’s still around to maintain the backward-compatibility.

The new version of the API require user to implement a new MWFSlideNavigationViewControllerDataSource protocol described below. To trigger the slide navigation, use the new method slideWithDirection:

New MWFSlideNavigationViewControllerDataSource protocol

This protocol has only 1 method to be implemented by application, i.e.

– (UIViewController *) slideNavigationViewController:(MWFSlideNavigationViewController *)controller viewControllerForSlideDirecton:(MWFSlideDirection)direction

Implementor should return instance of view controller to be shown for the specified slide direction.

Experimental Pan/Swipe Gesture

In this version, pan/swipe gesture is supported by setting panEnabled property to YES (default is NO).

If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvements, kindly leave them in comments.

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